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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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More race ‘rap ups!

We’ve had a flurry of activity over the last couple of weeks and want to get everyone caught up on our doings.

First we start with the Bay Days 5 miler in Bay Village – a longstanding race on the running circuit:


I suppose everything is a PR if a distance is new to you! This race started out a bit slow for me (not enough warm up? not enough nutrition? not enough sleep?) Regardless, thanks to a few CTC members, I pushed harder miles 2.5-5.
Team makes a huge difference, as do fans…and I was happy to see both team member volunteers and team fans out there cheering. I’ll need to find another 5 miler sometime this summer!

We think Rood had a report from Bay Days as well, but it got lost in translation.

Next we head to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Muddy Paws 5k, where Jen P took to the trails:

This was a fun race for a good cause! The morning was beautiful for it too. I was glad I made the venture down to the CVNP for the event and hope to do so for some more fun trail races!

Next up, Team Kostura hit it up in Avon Lake for the Smiles for Sophie 5k:

Bridget: This was a great race with a great cause…confronting pediatric brain cancer. It was well organized, there were lots of kids activities and even a post-race birthday cupcake. It was a lot of fun!

Bridget running in the Avon Lake sunshine

Bridget running in the Avon Lake sunshine

Brian: 4th race pushing Carolynn, and she is definitely getting faster! Good race for a good cause, and very well run. There were a lot of things for racers and spectators to do before and after the race.

Brian and Carolynn enjoying the post race!

Brian and Carolynn enjoying the post race!

And finally we head further west to Lorain where Mike Schaefer and yours truly raced at the Summer Sprint Triathlon:

Mike: Same old Lorain race and I had some cheap local fun despite the wet roads and wind. I had a great swim (first guy 40+ to T1) so I probably handled the waves better than most. I experimented with bigger gears on the bike, and seemed to go well but I paid for it a little on the run. Then again, maybe I’m just not recovered from all the wine tasting earlier this week!! I barely missed 2nd OA by ONE SECOND to a a guy in an earlier wave, but I’m still very happy to be on the podium. Thanks to Jeanne and my sister for cheering and taking pics!

Krol: Even though this race in my hometown has been around for a few years, it’s never quite worked out for me to be able to race it.  Had no idea what to expect with not having raced in quite a while and fighting continued knee problems.  What better way to give it the ol’ college try – little swimming, tons of biking and virtually no running.  Swim was a little wavy which always helps me, and I manage to keep Schaefer within shouting distance at the swim exit.  T1 was a little slow as I debated whether I wanted socks or not. First half of the bike was windy and started to suffer the last mile before the turn around, but was absolutely able to hammer the way back and put the new bike to the test.  Another leisurely transition where I got harassed by DeBonis and got caught up on Mike’s take down of the bike rack.  Just missed having brunch while I was there.  I wasn’t expecting to be able to run at all especially pushing into the headwind for half the bike but I actually didn’t feel too bad. Of course that also equated to running about 8 min miles.  I actually felt pretty good the first two and kind of blew up the third.  Managed to come across the line 8th overall and but my lack of running cost me three places by HUNDREDTHS of seconds!  


Great job everyone!!



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