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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!

SSSMST lads and lasses were out and about again over the last couple of weeks.  Locally, we had a few racing at Huntington, but we also had mates in Wisconsin, New Albany, OH and Grafton.  Lets find out how things went in Bay Village:

Patrick K:  Nice morning for racing the Cuyahoga county championship as Henely put it. Fun time, lots of SSSMST in the cheering section. For as honored as I am to be on this team, I continue to be impressed. Before the race the RD asked if anyone would volunteer to fix a ladys tire. Before you know it (before I could step up) I see 2 people in blue & green (walsh & rood) taking care of business. You guys are awesome. Great to see so many friends cheering along the way – including krol, Jeanne, joe, jen p, murphy and the kids cheering was awesome too – my family, the kosturas, walshes and henelys – great family support! Race went well for not training a ton, I will take a decent result!

Brian Kostura:  It has been several years since I’ve had the opportunity to do this race, and it was great to get out on the new course with all the blue and green! Struggled with a pulled neck and stomach cramps throughout the race, but that just increased the challenge. With all the familiar faces around, it was hardly a focus. Aaron, PK, and Walsh blew up the course! Good to see them out there winning their respective age groups, and Aaron with a 3rd Overall!

Mike Schaefer was vacationing in Wisconsin.  What else to do on vacation – fishing, camping…..triathlon!

I’m on vacation in WI, and there happened to be tri going on here – As it turns out, this race has been held since 1979, and my parents both ran it a few times back in the early 80s! I even remember watching them at the same venue; (I was 10yrs old). It is a non-conventional Oly-distance race with a 0.75 mi swim, 28mi bike, and 6 mi run. The bike course was absolutely beautiful, but pretty hilly so I took it slow and saved it for the run. Had great legs on the run and wound up with a PR on the run portion (even with the adjustment for non-metric distance). It was a very classy local race and a nice walk down memory lane! Will definitely consider it when scheduling next year’s vacation… I was 1st in AG (actually 1st man over age 30!) and 5th OA, only 5mim behind leader!

Down in New Albany, OH, Brian Stern won his age group at Challenge New Albany (report forthcoming)

And not only was Aaron Henely killing it at Huntington, Aaron won the overall Our Lady Queen of Peace 5k.  After running a dozen or so miles with rockstar Irongirl Jeanne Debonis!!




Great job all!!!


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