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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash: an upgraded Australian and some running, too

Aussie Rob had raced in one bike race before this year.  Now, just five races in to the 2010 season, he’s upgraded to a Cat 3 by showing aggressiveness and leg-tearing strength.  He did this by placing first in every race until this weekend, when he got in the decisive break in a 1-2-3 field, finishing 6th.  Leah Halloran joined him for this final race of the Covered Bridge Series, taking 9th in the B-race (and was the only girl!).

Anne Callahan lined up for the Lakewood Hospital Ambulance Chase, taking third in her AG.  Scott Zubricky placed third overall at the Huron Lighthouse 10-miler by running a 1:06.

Great week ahead!  Tuesday night crit, Wednesday night rides, and lots of other group workouts too.  Have a great week…  read below for everyone’s race reports.

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