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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash – All Rev’ed up!


Last weekend saw the inaugural Rev 3 triathlon at Cedar Point. It was a big deal for Ohio as it hosted its first legitimate full iron distance race (104.6 miles) since HFP’s attempt at Deer Creek a few years back. Like many other local area triathletes, SSSMST members took full advantage of such a quality race being held in their own backyards in both a racing and volunteer capacity.

Marty Mason, despite being older than dirt, and damn near inventing the sport he’s been racing for so long, finally had a crack at the real deal. Only he didn’t crack on his way to an impressive 10:36 finish. Dirt ain’t got nothing on Marty.

Brandy Smith, Jen Petkovsek, Joe Bush, and Brian Stern all opted for the slightly less daunting half distance. Brandy tackled the distance for the first time (with great results), Jen had a fantastic race despite seeing the contents of her stomach more than twice,  while vets Joe and Brian did what they do and turned in some really good times (Brain always wants more, but that’s a really good thing).

Closer to Cleveland, Leah Halloran, Bruce Macdonald, and Rob Thompson got their cross on at Wendy Park. Leah owned the womens race, Bruce raced well and looked handsome the whole time en route to his 4th place, while Aussie just didn’t have a very good day at all.

Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend, as well to the organizers (Spin and Rev3) who provide us a venue to torture ourselves.

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