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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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weekend results– New York City Marathon, and Inland Trail Half Marathon

New York City Marathon, and Inland Trail Half Marathon

The legendary New York City Marathon was contested last weekend, and Aaron Rood was there to represent the SSSMST. After a stellar summer, Rood was hoping to lay down a marathon PR, something he’s already done once this season. His splits were rock steady through about 18 miles, on pace for under 2:50. At that point, he dropped off just a little bit, but held on to finish in an impressive 3:05. In addition, he did get to run eight miles with Lance Armstrong, which he claims as one highlight of his running career. Team Spin’s Chris Steffens was on course, and caught a great shot of Rood at about 8 miles. Although Rood’s finish wasn’t what he hoped, I think we all can agree that qualifying for Boston twice and finishing 4th in his age group at the state championship 10k race is a pretty impressive month of racing. Nice season, Aaron.

Also last weekend, Scott Zubricky continued his humble dominance of men half his age by taking the overall win at the Inland Trails half marathon. He ran a 1:24:17, a seven second PR!


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