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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Thursday is Big Hair night at Five Seasons!

Poison-- exemplifying the genre.

Poison-- exemplifying the genre.

As promised, this Thursday’s Indoor Trainer Class will be officially “Big Hair” night. I am both proud and ashamed to admit that I probably have enough music to fill out 120 minutes of Big Hair playlist, but would rather take suggestions.

So, as usual, leave your song suggestions in the comments, and I’ll do my best to find the music.  Links to pictures that justify your choice of this band/artist as “big hair” are encouraged!

Feel free to leave more than one song, but if you leave more than three or four I probably won’t get to the bottom of your list.


11 Responses

  1. I wanna rock, shout at the devil, cum on feel the noize, pour some sugar on me,

    Is next week grunge?

  2. How about a couple of Australian tracks?

    Noiseworks – Hot Chilli Woman
    Screaming Jets – Better

  3. Poison: Nothin’ But A Good Time or Talk Dirty to Me

    Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock or We’re Not Gonna Take It

  4. Set list will be too glam without the likes of RATT, Skid Row, Bullet Boys and Ronnie James DIo.

    And no Bon Jovi.

  5. Absolutely, Kevin. We have to keep it a little bit grungy. However, I’m certain that there will be at least a little Bon Jovi.

  6. So we’re including some tracks from the early 90s by guys that just. couldnt. let. the. hair. go. ? 😉

  7. Just put a microphone in front of my bike and I can sing some Def Leppard while we spin.

  8. Heart – Barracuda
    Nelson – After the Rain

  9. still of the night …..whitesnake, Jenn’s gonna roll around on the floor like Tawny Kitaen

  10. Fellas……you’re gonna want that cowbell!

  11. That was fun. Thanks for all your help.

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