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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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SSSMST Wins Edinboro, takes 3 of top 10

Lamastra leads halfway through the bike portion of the Edinboro Triathlon on Old State Road in Franklin Township on May 30. GREG WOHLFORD/ ERIE TIMES-NEWS

Lamastra leads halfway through the bike portion of the Edinboro Triathlon on Old State Road in Franklin Township on May 30. GREG WOHLFORD/ ERIE TIMES-NEWS

Anyone who has talked to Jim Lamastra in the past few months knows how out of shape he is. How little he’s been able to train. How slow his legs feel.


Jim put an end to any doubts about his sandbagging this weekend at the Edinboro triathlon, where he was joined by Brian Stern, Marty Mason, and Joe Bush. Our boys stole the show– Jim took first overall, Brian and Marty each took first in their age groups, and Joe was fourth in his.

Read on for race reports and excerpts from a story in the Erie Times-News…

Jim had the fastest bike split by far, and cruised through the run for his title. Brian put the hammer down on the bike and run to make some time back from a leisurely swim, while Marty and Joe laid down steady fast paces throughout.

It should be noted that Cleveland athletes took the top four spots, and six of the top 10. Congrats to Clevelanders Kevin Park, A.J. Baucco, and Dave Duecker for their great finishes.

After the race, Jim spoke with a reporter from the Erie Times-News about the event, where he and race director Pat Davis expressed their love for each other between a much more serious and impressive undertone. Said Pat:

“He’s amazing, isn’t he?” said Pat Davis, the event’s coordinator and race director for the past 20 years. “He’s a real nice guy on top of it all. He’s an elite athlete and he’s overcome some serious obstacles.”

Check out GoErie.com for the full story: Ohio man overcomes illness, claims first ‘Boro title

Marty chimed in with this tidbit.  Just for the record, if I ever saw anyone I know racing with his aero helmet on backwards, I believe I’d let him continue.

This is the 23rd year for this wonderful race. I have raced at least 8 of those years and have many memories. I saw Jim on the out and back run course and he just blazed it. I broke a rear spoke and was fortunate not to flat with 3 miles to go on the bike. I “limped” into T2 with Brian Stern and others closing in. I knew I needed a lead to stay ahead of Brian, but he just ran away from me trying to catch Kevin Park and the others ahead. Lastly, one amusing note. This was my first race using an Giro aero helmet. It worked great but one thing I learned was key. On the bike leg, I caught a guy(not in my AG) wearing his BACKWARDS. Yes, that’s right, pointy side forward. Kinda like a cycling woodpecker. Helmets really do need FRONT and BACK labels. Another great memory of Edinboro!


3 Responses

  1. Nice effort guys, way to represent!

  2. Nice job to Jim and the rest of the Second Sole. I race Jim a couple times a year, and he always seems to be on form, regardless of the distance. And Brian is my training partner whose always willing to pile large doses of pain on the run. It’s all about the “suitcase of courage”. Good job guys.

  3. This roll fellas. Jim, are those toe clips and zoot running shoes?

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