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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash: Local 5k’s

Despite about 8 events close by, only two SSSMSTers were out this weekend.  Brian Stern hit up the Strides of March 5k by his house, running a 17:20 for third overall.

Jen Petkovsek headed down to Independence for the Jog in to Spring 5k, running 21:20 and taking third in her age group.

Joe Bush was out in California for a great early season vacation race at the 70.3 there. His report is below the fold…

Joe says…

Weather started out extremely cold at 45 degrees outdoors, and 58 in the water. The swim and bike went OK, both within a minute of times five years ago. I lost a few minutes in T1 trying to put on arm warmers but that was useless.

Thank to the indoor training classes the bike felt great; however the running legs were nonexistant. Apparently not enough bricks during winter training. My half mary was twenty minutes slower than I would have liked but it I definitely know what I need to work on. Other than that the race venue and area are fantastic.

Great weather for an early season race.


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