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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash: Paparazzi edition

Stern with Richie Cunningham and Terenzo BozzoneThe Spin-Second Sole Multisport Team Department of Communications Department was out yesterday, the lazy sods. Here’s what happened over the weekend:

Brian Kostura got so excited with his new kit that he found a way to wear it all weekend. I hope he washed his sheets. He started by riding down to Ohio City for one 5k, then rode out to St. Josephs Academy for another 5k. On Sunday, he raced the ONE Kickoff tri at Clay’s Park.

Brian Stern went under five hours at a challenging Eagleman 70.3, Jen Petkovsek took second overall at the ONE race while Patrick Kolozvary took first in his AG, and Tim Walsh claims he raced a 10k on Kelly’s Island… but we all know what a “10k on Kelly’s Island” really means.

Here are some reports:

From Kostura:

Race 1: This was the first race of the day and the weekend! 9am race…very hot, very humid… Definitely started out too fast this race with a 6:20 first mile and tried to keep it together as the weather started to take its toll towards then end of the race. Thought I had a good enough pace to finally place in the age group, but came up with fourth…

Race 2: This was race #2 of the weekend…felt pretty good despite the hot and humid weather. Got my pacing better for this race than I did for the earlier one in the morning and just missed 3rd in my age gropu by 4 seconds… again…haha! I guess 4 is my number!

Race 3: This was a traditional race to kick off the start of the triathlon season for me, and my 3rd race of the weekend! That being said, my tank was running a little low and my legs were reminding me of all the training I had put in over the past week, but I still ended up improving on my previous year’s time overall, and cutting down my swim by 1.5min! Hot and muggy, but still a good time…

From PK:

Fun little race to start off the tri season & a good warmup for bigger events coming up. Jen rocked the swim & looked very strong on the bike…solid enough for 2nd OA female! Brian Kostura had a strong race too…after racing Twice yesterday (I think he is trying to get all is required racing completed in the shortest time possible)!

Thanks Greg Jackson for hooking me up with the new kit on Saturday afternoon, so I could fully represent SSSMST on Sunday morning!

Nothing overly notable about the performance. I remember thinking when my arms got tired during the swim…maybe I shouldnt have carried so many boxes upstairs during the Rood move Saturday….then I remembered that I just suck at swimming. I will say the Makani’s from Scott Running are VERY comfortable to race in. On to the next one…

From Jen P:

Great start to the season! I was extremely happy to knock five minutes off my time from last year, including two of them on the swim. First time racing with some new equipment and even did a flying dismount for the first time in a race. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming races and seeing the team out there!

From Timmy Smiles:

It was the fourth year in a row running the Kelly’s Island 10k and I see no reason not to make it five years running. Add swimming and cycling to this running race, all of which are available on the Island, and you get a great workout in a liesure setting. If anyone’s interested, see me next year.

From Brian “The Paparazzi” Stern:
This part of Maryland (Eastern) is totally different from the Washington, Virginia mass traffic area that most of travelers are familiar. A more laid back seaside town atmosphere with less crazy traffic. The weather is definitely hot and usually has winds and humidity as it did for the race (but it could have been much worse). I swam the course Saturday morning in a speed tube and vest and felt really comfortable (floated out by the first marker and to detect a current pulling me off the course – mental note for the race) the water was a brine solution and was not very tasty. So I finish my workout of a short bike and run and see Michellie Jones and ask for a photo:

Stern with Michellie Jones

Then it’s time to rack bike, hit the expo, and back to room. I also run into Richie Cunningham and Terenzo Bozzone and get another photo:

Stern with Richie Cunningham and Terenzo Bozzone

Sunday Race Day
Get to the venue super early to snag a great parking spot (limited spots available) and chill for about and hour hydrating the entire time ( temps already in low 80’s ). Decide to get in the water for a warm up and exit to the announcement that NO WETSUITS are Allowed (no problem I feel pretty good). I hear all kinds of complaining and think, “This is a Triathlon and that is always a possibility”. Start in the fifth wave and push to stay clean of the 300 plus AG 40-44 racers. Feel good and felt like I consistently worked the swim (did not see my time because of a problem with my watch – a blessing after finishing and finding I swam a slow 44 minutes). Note to self- Work more on swimming.

Get to the bike and decide to hold back about 10 percent because of the heat and wind, very hard to do when others in AG are riding past. I did this for the first 30 miles and then picked up the pace for the remaining 25. I enter T2 and hit the portalet to release about a gallon of fluid. Then fly out onto the run course (temps up almost 90 with a breeze).

I run the first couple of miles too fast and back off a bit all the time running people down. No one passes me the entire run and the sun is beat down and the roads felt like they were on fire. I did not really feel the heat and humidity until the last four miles of the run. So many people were walking or looked like zombies in their attempt to run shuffle. I keep chasing down everyone in front of me and keep saying my mantra “ I was born to suffer” and continued to suffer. I finish the run with a time of 1:26:00 to have the 4th fastest amateur run time (perhaps I held too much back on the bike). This was a PR only because it is the only half iron completed without a wetsuit. My time of 4:48:57 is not even close to my normal times, but it was good enough for 10th in AG out of 239 finishers and 52/1059 male finishers ) a lot of people did not make the swim and bike cut off times and were marked DQ. This is Half number 2 out of six planned for this year and ending my season in Oct in Myrtle Beach for USAT Long course Nationals.

I finish feeling it was a good race but not where I expected for my fitness. Pack the car and head back for some more food and bump into Samantha McGlone and get yet another photo:

Stern with Samantha McGlone

Every Pro Triathlete I have ever met is so down to earth and very approachable (that is one of the best parts of this sport).

Eaglman 70.3 is a great event, one which I will return to in the up coming years (good competition — and is an IRONMAN QUALIFER for KONA – 2 spots in my AG). Eagleman: I will return for a Kona Spot on my 49th birthday, so be prepared (must be the high octane coffee talking).


2 Responses

  1. “I also run into Richie Cunningham and Terenzo Bozzone and get another photo:”


    “bump into Samantha McGlone and get yet another photo:”

    This is Brian’s code for “I stalked a bunch of pro athletes all day and they finally gave up and took a pic w me” – look at Richie Cs face in that pic – he is clearly saying “Jesus who is this dude in the blue who has been following me all day and why is he huggin me so uncomfortably tight?”

    Just yanking ur chain Brian ;-}

  2. Personally, I’m a fan of the celebrity/stalking photos. You all probably know I’m a fan of a certain blonde…

    First person to get a photo of himself/herself with Desiree Ficker wins $10 clothing credit.

    First person to get a photo of Desiree Ficker in an SSSMST shirt gets $20.

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