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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Results Rehash: Paparazzi edition

Stern with Richie Cunningham and Terenzo BozzoneThe Spin-Second Sole Multisport Team Department of Communications Department was out yesterday, the lazy sods. Here’s what happened over the weekend:

Brian Kostura got so excited with his new kit that he found a way to wear it all weekend. I hope he washed his sheets. He started by riding down to Ohio City for one 5k, then rode out to St. Josephs Academy for another 5k. On Sunday, he raced the ONE Kickoff tri at Clay’s Park.

Brian Stern went under five hours at a challenging Eagleman 70.3, Jen Petkovsek took second overall at the ONE race while Patrick Kolozvary took first in his AG, and Tim Walsh claims he raced a 10k on Kelly’s Island… but we all know what a “10k on Kelly’s Island” really means.

Here are some reports:

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