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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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on Flexibility in Training

I’m blogging experiences with training for Ironman Lake Placid. Get up to speed here and read all the posts by searching for the tag: SSSMST Goes to Lake Placid.
Information about the SSSMST Five Seasons Indoor Cycling Series is here.

disclaimer: This was actually taken in November of last year.

Hello from Tokyo, Japan! It’s been a while since I’ve written about my progress on training for Ironman Lake Placid. I barely even know where to start!

I believe I left off with a little complaining about an early-early season race called the Dirty Dog 10k. Well, shortly after that I came down with a yucky cold, got a ton of work thrown my way, and have been hanging on for dear life!

But the good news is, training has continued. Maybe not exactly how I’d like it to, but sometimes we gotta be flexible. To paint a picture (or to garner your sympathy – you decide), here’s my life in the past week.

On Monday, I had a 7am conference call. Mondays happen to be a rest day, so it works out well. Then, as I am STILL battling my Dirty Dog cold, coughing spells in the office Monday afternoon caused me to stay home Tuesday (but don’t worry – I still did my full days’ worth of work). Despite better judgment, I went out for a 10-mile run (it went pretty well).

On Wednesday, I had another 7am conference call to be on. My gym doesn’t open until 6am, so that doesn’t leave enough time for a swim before the call. So I was on my bike by 5:15am for a 1.5 hour spin before scarfing down breakfast and calling into my meeting.

Then at 2:30pm I was en route to Indianapolis for a few days, where I managed to run seven miles both Thursday and Friday mornings. Those were three long days – eating lunch and dinner with colleagues and keeping up with regular work in the off hours meant those seven miles were all I was getting.

Travel delays on Friday had me walking through the door to home at 1:30am. Saturday I managed 2 hours on the trainer (yes, I am deranged enough to be able to do those long workouts on my own!) and got some quality time with the boyfriend around unpacking, doing laundry, and RE-packing for my 11-day visit to Japan.

On the road by 9am Sunday, then sitting on my butt for approximately 22 hours and I found myself checked into my hotel in Tokyo at 8pm. That is, 8pm on MONDAY. There goes my rest day!

Now I’m here in Japan until next Thursday where I will get lots more time on the treadmill and stationary bike. My poor upper body is going to lose all my swimming muscles, so I plan on some yoga in my scheduled swim time. I’m hoping some sun salutations help keep my sanity too!

So yes, my schedule has been challenging me, but I’m up for the challenge. I might not get all my workouts in perfectly as I’d like, but triathlon doesn’t pay the bills and I’m making the most of it!


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