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    8-5-2015 7-21-00 PM

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Forget the PR Mohican 50k/25k

Aaron and Nicole

SSSMST’s Aaron Rood, Adam Roark, and the Husband and Wife team of Aaron and Nicole Henely took on the arduous task otherwise known as Forget the PR 50k/25k Trail Race at Mohican State Park.

(From the editor) Some background on “team” Henely for the day:  Nicole took on Aaron’s race registration for the full 50k and converted it to the 25k when Aaron had back surgery a couple of months ago.  Aaron, now well on the comback trail, has been powerwalking the streets of Grafton and has done a little jogging.  He decided to run part of the way out of the 25k with his beloved wife and after an hour, lo and behold, he didn’t think he’d find his way back to the start!  DOH!  So he stuck it out in the rain and muck and finished strong with Nicole.  It’s unofficial, but welcome back to racing Aaron!

And always up for a challenge, Aaron Rood earned his first belt buckle:

Ah – this was hum dinger. It rained every step of the way. 

Three significant points for my race report:

1) At the start, I told Krol, Henely and Roark that I would eat my hat before I would strategically walk up any hill. I didn’t eat my HAT! I attempted to run EVERY hill on this course (and failed on very few) I am very proud to say I ran the vast majority of this race.
2) Along the way a veteran Ultra runner told me I was a big fool to run the up hills. Lets’ just say of that anonymous veteran: “Hammered Umm!!”
3) Krolie found me along the way and ran me in about the last 5 miles. I have never been more excited to see a dude in blue and green lycra with shaved legs. I am very appreciative of Kevin’s friendship. He was the first guy I met in 2000 when I moved to Cleveland. We have been friends since.

Those beers at finish with ROARK , KROL and TEAM HENELY might have been the best ever.

L to R: XC Ski Legend Suneel Apte, Rood, Aaron Henely, Krol

L to R: XC Ski Legend Suneel Apte, Rood, Aaron Henely, Krol (note shiny thing in Rood’s hand!)

See you Further on up the road.


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